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Kolink Phalanx: The Colorful Midi Tower in Review

System Structure in the Kolink Phalanx

The following hardware is built into the Kolink Phalanx:

CPU AMD Ryzen 1600
CPU cooler Alphacool Eisbär LT240
Mainboard ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4
RAM Corsair 16GB DDR4-3000
Graphics card Palit GeForce GTX 1080 GameRock Premium 8GB
Power supply unit be quiet! Straight Power 10 Power Supply 500W CM
Data carrier Two 2.5″ SSDs

The generous space above and to the side of the mainboard allows easy connection of cables. Even longer graphics cards can be easily mounted in the case. If a normal air cooler for the CPU is mounted, the maximum height should be observed: With a maximum space of 160 mm many CPU coolers can be mounted, but some – like a Thermalright Macho – do not fit into the phalanx.

The room separation between the power supply and mainboard areas and the well-placed cable bushings allow very good cable management in the visible area. Furthermore, up to three drives can be mounted invisibly behind the mainboard. The closing of the right side is possible without problems even with a large amount of cable with good laying. Only the space for the power supply is quite small. The mounted Straight Power 10 from be quiet! could be mounted with some fumbling.

Running 2

Beside the mentioned points the further installation of the hardware into the case runs without problems.

Lighting, cooling power and volume

Cooling performance and volume are special topics for the Phalanx. But one thing at a time: The housing has fully controllable RGB lighting. This can be controlled using the reset switch on the phalanx. This works much more extensively with the included remote control. With it many variations can be played through. In addition to the permanent illumination of a colour, various effects and colour changes can also be configured. Also the speed can be regulated, but only the light effects, not the fan itself.


And this brings us to the biggest criticism of the Kolink Phalanx: When mounting the supplied fans to the RGB controller, they run continuously at maximum speed, they cannot be changed. In principle, this doesn’t have to be bad, but the volume of the fans is very high.

It becomes more problematic, because the lighting is fastened directly to the supplied housing fans, and this is controllable by the special connection only over the controller. Of course, all fans of the case could be removed and replaced by others, but then the RGB lighting of the phalanx would not be usable.

Due to the permanently high speed of the fans, however, at least the cooling performance of the case is at a good level.

In operation
In operation

Everyday experience

The phalanx stands non-slip and stable on black rubberized feet. The housing is visually successful and looks modern and young thanks to the RGB lighting. Especially the extreme diversity of the lighting settings know how to please. During operation, however, the high ringing intensity of the nonadjustable fan speed is disturbing.

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