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Kolink Rocket: Noble Mini Case Reviewed

Exterior Impression

As already mentioned at the beginning, the Kolink Rocket is a feast for the eyes due to its modern and high-quality appearance. Small in the truest sense of the word, because the case measures only 12.5 x 23.5 x 32.8 cm and thus has a volume of 9.6 litres. The weight is a light 3.5 kg, which is still nice and light, but due to the steel base more than it could be with pure aluminium. Because only the outer shell is made of brushed, anodised aluminium. I personally like the look very much! But let’s go into a little detail below.

The top of the case is designed completely clean and is not broken by any additional elements. The situation is different in the front, but here too Kolink focuses on the essential. The I/O panel is recessed in the front, but only consists of an illuminated power button and two USB 3.0 ports. Audio connections, on the other hand, are not found, in my opinion this is not necessary with this case either. The small dwarf is simply placed on the table and the rear connections are within easy reach.

The two side parts are also made of aluminium and are each held with four screws. The many ventilation holes allow air exchange and thus cooling of the components inside. They are supported by small ventilation slits, which run around the side parts again.

At the back we find two PCI slots, for example for a graphics card. The slot bezels are screwed, but unfortunately the same as the side panels with normal screws and not with knurled screws. So you have to use a screwdriver here as well.

The power supply unit is not visible from the outside. Instead, there is a cable extension inside which provides a connection for a cold appliance cable at the rear.

The underside of the case is completely flat and closed, the case feet have to be glued on first so that nothing gets scratched.

The workmanship of the Kolink Rocket is convincingly high-quality. There are no sharp edges or protruding elements.

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