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LG V30: The Smartphone with Quad-DAC, F1.6 & Wide Angle Lens Reviewed

With the LG V30, which was recently launched on the market, LG is expanding its successful V series with another high-end smartphone. The smartphone, which costs just under 890 euros, is being advertised with many new features. Thus, the second display, which has characterized the V series so far, is dispensed with. The “Cinema Camera” and the Quad-DAC of the new V-Smartphone will be highlighted. The following practical test will show to what extent the full-bodied promises can be kept.

Design and Workmanship

Surprisingly light with a weight of 158 grams, the smartphone lies well in the hand. Measuring 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.3 millimetres, it is the ideal size for a smartphone. It fits in one hand, offers enough free space and can easily be stored in your trouser pocket. The huge display that clearly dominates the design of the front continues to be conspicuous. The corners of the touch screen are rounded as well as the corners of the case. At first glance, a comparison with the top model Galaxy S8 from Samsung is obvious, as the two phones are quite similar in size and design. The display represents a distinctive differentiation point here: While the S8 is bent around the edge of the smartphone, making it “invisible”, this is not the case with the V30. The edge of the phone is quite thin, but is not taken up by the display. This makes the V30 look less extravagant, but it could have advantages in handling, which is mainly due to the fact that most users are used to such a display.

The front and back are not as extremely rounded as their Samsung counterparts. Optically the LG V30 knows how to convince completely. It looks enormously high-quality, feels good and looks very noble despite its rather functional design. At first glance, there are also no weak points with regard to workmanship. The entire smartphone looks very stable and well processed. All corners and edges are pleasantly rounded. A closer look, however, reveals a tiny gap between metal and glass on the front. This is certainly not a workmanship error, but a deliberate detail that serves to accommodate individual components. Nevertheless, this solution is rather suboptimal, since this gap is suitable as a collection point for dust and other undesirable substances. However, dust cannot penetrate inside the smartphone as it is dustproof and waterproof, which is certified to IP68.

The power button with integrated fingerprint sensor can be found on the back of the V30. It looks very well placed there, as it can be reached and operated without any problem. The difficulty of accommodating this button was ideally solved from both a practical and ergonomic point of view. The only discomfort is a slightly plastic-like noise when pressing the button. However, this point of criticism should not deter anyone from buying, since it is also given for comparable products of the competition.

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