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Lian Li LANCOOL II – Feature-loaded midi tower with competitive price

External Impression

The front part of the LANCOOL II differs in comparison by the almost complete renouncement of aluminium. With the exception of the manufacturer’s logo the complete front panel is made of steel or plastic and has large openings on both sides for better ventilation of the interior. When the front panel is pulled off with a strong jerk, a variable fan frame for up to three 120 mm fans and two magnetically attached dust filters are revealed behind it. Two digitally addressable RGB strips are hidden behind the two dust filters. In order to avoid the risk of torn cables during dismantling, the front panel has a Quick-Connect connection for the lighting.

The lid section of the LANCOOL II is similar to the design of many current midi towers. A large part of the lid area is dominated by a large fan opening and is protected from dust or visually enhanced by a magnetic dust filter. In front of it is the I/O panel. It features two USB 3.0 ports, a microphone and headphone combo jack and a total of four switches. The four switches are used for power, reset and to control the RGB strip. Last but not least, the I/O panel has been prepared for a USB 3.1 type C port. However, the corresponding cable must be purchased separately and is not included in the scope of delivery.

The left and right side parts of the LANCOOL II consist of hardened glass and are attached to the body with magnets or hinges. The omission of knurled screws improves the visual appearance and also makes it easier to remove the side parts. On the pictures you can clearly see that the side parts only cover the upper area. Lian Li has thought of another nice feature for the area underneath the power supply cover. The Midi Tower has two magnetic steel flaps on both sides. When these are open, you have access to the hard disk cage and can mount the power supply without having to remove the complete side parts.

The underside and back, on the other hand, have a classic design. The Midi Tower stands on four solid plastic feet with rubber strips. The power supply unit sits at the bottom and is protected from dirt by a large, fine-mesh dust filter. There is also a kind of rail system to be able to move the hard disk cage if necessary. At the rear there are seven reusable PCI slot covers, ventilation holes and a mounting space for a fan with a frame width of 120 millimetres.

Internal Impression

The design of the interior of the LANCOOL II was also considered. It follows the current trend and is very open or divided into two chambers. However, the rubberized cable management openings had to make way for a protruding screen. The mainboard, expansion cards and possible radiators are thus accommodated in the upper chamber as usual. Besides the screen on the right side of the mainboard, there are more cable management openings in the power supply cover and above the mainboard tray. Due to the omission of HDD cages in the upper chamber, the pre-installed fan can transport cold air into the interior unhindered. Due to the variable fan frame it is also possible to install the front fans/front radiators in four different positions.

The power supply cover, which is attached in the lower area, not only improves the appearance by concealing the power supply, cables and hard drive cage, but also provides ventilation slots and holes for two fans with a frame width of 120 millimeters. In addition, the cover has a modular design. If you want to install a thick water-cooling radiator in the front, you can remove a corresponding cover with a single screw.

Now let’s take a look at the back. A special feature should be immediately noticeable here. In order to make the right side look neat despite the wiring, Lian Li has equipped the back with two cable covers. What isn’t covered are merely the two mounting locations for 2.5″ SSDs. If you open the power supply tunnel’s flap on the right side, two more mounting locations for 2.5″ SSDs appear. 3.5″ hard disks can also be accommodated in the LANCOOL II. For this purpose one only has to open the lower flap on the left side and has direct access to three HDD frames made of plastic. The HDD cage is mounted on a rail system and can be moved or completely removed in favour of a longer power supply.

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