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Lian Li LANCOOL ONE Digital – The Combination of Classic and Modern in Review

Exterior Impression

The front part of the LANCOOL ONE is a real eye-catcher and should attract all attention. The front element is made of plastic, but was covered with two black plates of brushed aluminium. In addition, there is a diamond-shaped opening, which breaks up the restrained design without appearing exaggerated. This opening and the additional lateral fan openings in the front part should improve the air supply for the front fans. Up to three of these can be mounted in the front area. To protect the pre-installed 120 mm fan from dust, a magnetic dust filter made of mesh is located in front of it. This is easy to remove and clean after removing the front panel.

Now let’s take a look at the lid area. This is characterized by a large mesh grid, which should significantly increase the airflow in the housing. In order to remove the magnetically attached plastic frame including mesh grille, there is a small recessed grip on the rear wheel of the lid section over which the whole frame can be pulled upwards. These then conceal mounting rails for optional ceiling fans or possible radiators. Unfortunately the frame looks a bit cheap and rickety. Finally, Lian Li installed the I/O panel in the lid. There are a total of three USB ports (1x USB 3.1 Type-C, 2x USB 3.0 Type-A), one microphone and one headphone port each, a power button and a button for operating the RGB light strip.

The right side part of the Midi Tower is made of steel, completely closed and fastened to the body with two flat knurled screws. The left side part consists of 4 mm thick tempered glass and is slightly darkened. To facilitate the assembly of the side part, the pane is mounted on a thin steel frame. The frame is fastened from behind like a normal side panel with two knurled screws, which practically remain on the side panel. In addition, the steel frame has a layer of cellular rubber to prevent vibration transmission.

A very large dust filter has been implemented on the underside of the LANCOOL ONE for the power supply. This has a plastic frame, a pull-out aid and, unlike the dust filters in the front and lid, is made of a very fine fabric. So that the power supply unit gets enough fresh air, the Midi Tower stands on four solid plastic feet equipped with foam rubber. In addition, there are four screws and various holes on the underside for repositioning the HDD cage.

The back offers more or less standard equipment for a normal midi tower. The power supply unit is mounted at the bottom. Above are seven horizontal and two mandatory vertical PCI slot bezels for vertical graphics card mounting. Finally, the manufacturer installed the second pre-installed case fan with a frame width of 120 mm at the rear. This can be mounted at different positions due to several bores.

Internal Impression

The interior of the LANCOOL ONE is very simple and open. Lian Li follows the current trend and uses a two chamber system. In the upper area the mainboard, expansion cards and possible radiators are fastened. To ensure that the interior still looks neat after the cabling, various cable management openings were incorporated around the mainboard tray and some of them even provided with rubber sleeves.

The second chamber is separated from the rest of the interior by a power supply cover and is intended to conceal the power supply, the hard disk cage and all connecting cables. Lian Li has equipped the top of the cover with modular elements for better airflow or for mounting radiators. Below the covers, there is a large fan grille and two mounting locations for 120 mm fans. If, on the other hand, the cover plates are left in place, they offer the possibility of mounting two SSDs.

Additional 2.5″ data memories can be mounted on the back of the mainboard tray on appropriate mounting frames. However, the solution for 3.5″ HDDs is somewhat disappointing. Lian Li provides a modular hard disk cage for this purpose. Unfortunately, the hard disks are simply pushed into the cage and screwed together. This means that there is no decoupling at all and smaller data carriers cannot be used here either. Considering the price of € 96.72 for this midi tower, we would have liked a different solution here.

Furthermore, on the back there are various mounting points for cable ties, three practical Velcro strips for cable management and the control board for the RGB element in the front. The support points of the power supply unit are also equipped with soft decoupling strips made of foam rubber.

Mounting position power supply
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