Link Anywhere: Steam-Stream Almost Everywhere Soon

Previously, the Steam Link app could be used to transfer games to other devices within the home network. With the “Link Anywhere” function now available in the beta version, streaming is also possible outside the home network.

With the new function, games can in future also be streamed from the PC to the mobile phone when the user is on the move with the mobile phone. “Link Anywhere” will run through the Steam-Link app currently available for Android, Windows and Raspberry Pi as well as for discontinued Steam-Link hardware. Apple devices will therefore still not be able to stream games via Steam.

Developer Valve has kept details to himself so far. It was only stated that high upload speeds were required on the PC and a good network connection was required on the playback device in order to use the service. So latencies are to be expected. Even professional cloud gaming services are struggling with sometimes high latencies – Steam is unlikely to be any different here.

Streaming action games from your home PC to your remote smartphone, which is logged into another WLAN network, and being able to play them without much delay, will probably remain a wishful thinking. However, users who play games where delays are of little importance could benefit from the cloud gaming solution. Especially friends of turn-based tactical games or point-and-click games should be happy.

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Simon Lüthje

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