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Lioncast LK300 Pro: The Gaming Keyboard Reviewed

Lighting and Software: Just Great

The keyboard can be visually enhanced by the individual illumination of each key. This requires separate software, which is available free of charge on the manufacturer’s website. In this software numerous individual settings can be made with regard to the illumination of the individual keys. Users can choose from 16.8 million colours and, thanks to fourteen colour schemes, are largely free in terms of design options.

The predefined lighting options are already known from other gaming keyboards and do not represent any sensation or special feature. Gamers also have the interesting option of using the gaming profile. The W-A-S-D and arrow keys as well as the ESC key are illuminated in this key.

In the test, the keys were largely uniformly illuminated. Only the labelling of the secondary functions appears minimally darker when illuminated, which is not likely to be important in practice. The macros above the actual keys cannot be illuminated.

However, not only the lighting can be adjusted in the software. Macro settings can also be made here. The operation of the macro editor, which offers extensive possibilities up to recording delay, recording of certain key sequences and setting of an event-specific macro, requires a more intensive training. Without background knowledge, which can be acquired above all by intensive trial and error, the target-oriented operation of this software function is hardly possible. Once the system has been understood, however, almost undreamt-of possibilities open up, so that the comparatively long training period is almost forgotten again.

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Lioncast LK300 PRO RGB Mechanische Gaming Tastatur (Cherry MX™ Brown, 16.8 Millionen Farben, Software zur Programmierung, LED, USB, QWERTZ, Magnetische Handballenablage) im Steel-Look im Preisvergleich

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