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Lioncast LM25 Allrounder Mouse Review

With the LM25, Lioncast presents the successor of the LM20. In particular, the mouse should be able to prove its strengths in combination with the Apace Hybrid Gaming mouse pad and convince as an all-rounder mouse. We’ve taken a closer look at the duo.

Design and Features

The LM25 has a simple but elegant design. The mouse is mostly in matt black, the additional keys shine. The mouse wheel and logo are RGB-illuminated and on the side there is another illuminated display for the current DPI level. The LM25 is equipped with 13 keys. Left and right mouse button, mouse wheel, four additional buttons on top in the middle, two on the side and four additional buttons on the left side, including a sniper button. One of the keys on the upper side is a bit conspicuous. It stands out with one corner in comparison to the rest of the mouse, which otherwise does without hard edges and corners. The cable is textile coated and – matching the mouse – black. On the underside there is also a switch with which the mouse profiles can be changed. The special feature of the LM25 is the angled cable on the mouse. This is called “Angled Stress Relief” and should allow a better cable routing. In addition, the LM25 has a weight tuning system, which is why a small box for storing the weights is included in the scope of delivery.

The Apace Gaming Hybrid mouse pad is designed to match the mouse in a simple and discreet way. The surface is black with Apace lettering and logo, the rubberized underside is red. Optically, both the mouse and the mouse pad should fit into most setups without any problems.

Workmanship and Technology

The matt black plastic surface feels very comfortable in the hand. The whole mouse looks high-quality manufactured and makes a long-lasting impression. Ergonomically, it is designed for right-handers. Technically, the LM25 features the PixArt PWM3360 optical sensor. The response time is 1 ms and the maximum sampling rate is 1000 Hz. The DPI levels can be set between 100 and 12,000. Omron switches, which promise a durability of 10 million clicks, were also installed.

In size and weight the LM25 definitely belongs to the larger representatives. The mouse is about 125 mm long, 40 mm high and 79 mm wide. She’s a little more flexible in weight. With eight small weights, the total weight can be adapted to your own preferences. With all weights the mouse weighs about 120 grams, without only about 100 grams.

The Apace mouse pad is also large with about 400 x 315 x 2 mm. The rough surface consists of a mixture of fabric and silicone and is water-repellent.

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Lioncast LM25 Gaming Maus mit 13 Programmierbaren Tasten (RGB LED-Beleuchtung, PMW3360 Optischer Sensor, 12.000 DPI) Ergonomisches Design & Palm Grip mit Gewichtssystem für FPS, RTS und MOBAs im Preisvergleich

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