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Lioncast LX30 RGB Gaming Headset Review

Sound Quality and Microphone

The sound quality in the tested games (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Starcraft 2) and in the playback of movies and music is good for the price range. Of course, the Lioncast LX30 cannot keep up with much more expensive headsets.

In the test, the powerful bass was particularly noticeable. The highs are also reproduced very clearly. Only in the midrange the headset looks a bit “weak”.

Thanks to the integrated sound card, which becomes active when connected via USB, virtual 7.1 surround sound can be used in games to make the detection of opponents even more precise. In the test I liked the connection via jack plug in combination with a high-quality soundcard from Creative a bit better.

The sound quality of the microphone has been described as clear in both Skype and Teamspeak conversations. Noise was largely filtered out by the pop filter (foam above the microphone).

Ergonomics and Wearing Comfort

There are slight criticisms about the ergonomics and the resulting wearing comfort of the headset, which, however, is very individual depending on the person. Personally, I found the auricles a little too small, so that there was a slight pressure on the ears. However, a second tester could not confirm this. As with any headset, it is therefore advisable to try the Lioncast LX30 in order to get an impression of the poorly objectively assessable wearing comfort.

Positive features are the highly adjustable microphone and the adjustable headband, which is also suitable for very large heads.

The imitation leather used ensures, as usual, slightly sweating ears. But this was not really disturbing even after a long period of use.

The cable length of the Lioncast LX30 is also positive. The 3.5 millimeter jack plug cable is 155 centimeters long, the USB cable even 345 centimeters. The headset hardly restricts the radius of movement. In combination with the relatively low weight of 262 grams, people with small and medium-sized ears will hardly feel the headset while wearing it.

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