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Long Awaited and Finally Here: Kingdom Hearts III Review

Strong start, weaker end

While most of the game is beautifully written – besides some little things – the ending leaves a lot to be desired in certain places. The whereabouts of certain characters simply remain unclear, which is more than frustrating at this point. However, it wouldn’t be a Kingdom Hearts game if it didn’t raise at least a few unanswered questions.

Another point is that you decided to let the player fight against several opponents at the same time. If one of the opponents is defeated, an interim sequence runs. Which feels like the other opponent isn’t there. This makes especially emotional scenes look a bit weak when you get thrown back into the fight against the remaining enemies. Above all, the reaction of the opponent to the fact that his teammate has just given up the spoon is of course missing.
Of course, the reason is obvious: the developers couldn’t possibly know who to defeat first. But the solution is even more obvious: Let the player fight each opponent individually.

Except for one of these fights, none of these encounters had a reason why one should fight against several antagonists at the same time. So, aside from the difficulty. But that’s another tiresome subject in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Apart from that there are also scenes that don’t make any sense or characters that simply don’t develop further.

Colorful, varied gameplay

For the quality of a game, the story is of course relevant, but the gameplay is more important. In the case of Kingdom Hearts, it has been more than successful. Both new and old features and abilities have found their way into Sora’s repertoire for this game.

But by far the most remarkable attractions are the attractions. These are rides as found in amusement parks, which can be summoned during the fight and thus harm the enemies. By the way, the why or from where is not clarified, even if new abilities from nowhere actually contradict the premise of the game.

In itself, it is fun to use the attractions and they also offer a nice change, as each one plays a little differently. However, the attractions are unfortunately quite overpowered.

Another new element that offers variety are the keyword transformations. These are individual for each key sword and can take different forms. From a hammer to crossbows, so it’s worth trying different swords.

Otherwise, gameplay elements from previous games have returned, such as the Free Flow from Dream Drop Distance or the focus attacks from Birth By Sleep.

But exactly this diversity poses a problem, because the game offers hardly any challenges. It may be because I have played all the previous parts and am accordingly familiar with the controls and gameplay. But I played the game at the highest difficulty level and only had problems in optional fights. Which is partly due to the fact that various abilities are simply too strong. Especially during the attractions one is hardly vulnerable.

From time to time you get into situations where you can’t use these and other abilities. In these moments, the game is suddenly a whole lot harder. So maybe it would have been a good idea to weaken certain skills or make the opponents stronger.

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