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Long Awaited and Finally Here: Kingdom Hearts III Review

The new Gumi-Jet

As already in the first two main parts of the series, you fly with the Gumijet from world to world. However, the Gumijet in Kingdom Hearts III has a much more open system. Instead of only being able to fly given routes, you can now move freely and explore the (albeit somewhat small) universe. This gives this part of the gameplay a much stronger “Open World” feel.

This is also where the biggest challenges of the game await you, but most of them are optional. Many bosses can be easily flown around and the main story can be continued. Which is a bit of a shame, because as I said, these fights are much more challenging than anything that has ever happened outside of the jet.

Great worlds, little content?

The worlds are beautifully staged and quite a bit bigger than in the previous titles. Despite their size, however, they are by no means empty. They are filled with NPCs, enemies, mini-games and full of little things to discover.

They appear more lively, both on an optical level and from the background noise. If you are in a place with a lot of people, you often hear snippets of conversations or other conversations. This contributes immensely to the atmosphere.

With one exception, none of these NPCs have optional quests. At this point a little potential was given away. Because even though you can talk to most characters, in the end they only contribute to the atmosphere. But not the gameplay itself.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing that gets a raw deal. Because also the story itself is relatively short with about 30 hours (of which by the way there are 10 cutscenes). Of course there are lots of mini-games, optional bosses and fights besides the story, but… That only compensates to a certain extent.

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