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Long Awaited and Finally Here: Kingdom Hearts III Review


Kingdom Hearts III is a wonderful RPG despite all the shortcomings. Of course, the concept of Kingdom Hearts itself is something you have to get involved with. The story is told very confusingly and suffers from various inconsistencies. However, this doesn’t stop the emotional scenes from unfolding their full effect.
The strands of action that began in the previous parts are appropriately merged and dissolved in this part. Even though I wish they’d taken more time for them. The ending is a little frustrating. It certainly wouldn’t have hurt the game to continue the story for a few more hours.

With 30-35 hours the main story is a bit short. Especially in view of the price, which is currently between 60 and 70 €. However, there are heaps of optional content. With these mini-games, collectables and optional bosses, you can easily keep busy for 50-60 hours.

In summary Kingdom Hearts III is not everything it could have been. But it’s not bad either. It’s a good RPG with flaws here and there. These do not diminish the general fun of the game.

+ Strings from previous games will be merged
+ Better written than in previous games
– Very unsatisfactory ending
– Some scenes hardly make sense
+ Varied with many possibilities to defeat opponents
+ Gameplay adapts to the environment
+ Different, playable characters
– Most fights are very easy, even on high difficulty levels
Control System
+ Simple, control known from previous parts – Many commands are on one head
Graphic & Sound
+ characters and scenes were beautifully set in scene
+ Wonderful musical background
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