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MSI Clutch GM30 – Prominent RGB Lighting and Great Buttons


MSI uses the relatively rarely used sensor PAW-3327 from Pixart in the clutch GM30. It promises a maximum acceleration of 30 g and a maximum speed of 220 ips, so that the model is lagging behind the PMW 3360 on paper. The PMW 3360 can already be found on some mice in the same price segment, but they then rely on much less pronounced RGB lighting or cut other functions.

According to Pixart, the PAW-3327 offers a maximum resolution of 6,200 DPI and MSI makes full use of this. There is no software interpolation for even higher values. In practice, the sensor does a good job: Movements are detected precisely and without a lot of noise. An optional angle snapping is not available with the sensor.

According to MSI, the Clutch GM30 is particularly suitable for the Palm and Claw Grip. We can confirm this classification: The shape of the case favours both grip techniques and makes playing pleasant, whereas the fingertip grip on the mouse is not really pleasant. For the latter, the mouse falls off too quickly at the back.

In practice, the anti-slip surface on both sides advertised by MSI provides a high friction resistance, making slipping less likely. If you have (very) sensitive fingertips, you may also have difficulties with the rough surface if your fingers rub against the surface. Normally this should not be a problem.

MSI is pleasantly surprised when it comes to the button configuration, although this wasn’t to be expected from the data sheet: Omron buttons with a lifetime of 20 million releases are nothing unusual in this price range, and since the mouse is limited to the usual minimum configuration, it can’t really stand out here either. However, the five built-in keys all offer a very defined pressure point, are easy to operate and easy to reach – so the mouse is completely convincing here.

Software and Lighting

The Clutch GM30 can be configured using the MSI Dragon Center, which is also used for other MSI products such as motherboards. The program itself is installed quite quickly, but before starting it you have to download an SDK, which in turn requires a restart.

The Dragon Center is also a bit more cumbersome than necessary during operation, which is due to its design: The software is used to configure all MSI products, which is why the general point “Lighting” is listed separately. Anyone who increasingly uses MSI hardware will appreciate this, because this solution simplifies lighting adapted between all components. However, if you only buy the mouse, you always have to change the menu with this solution – it’s a bit cumbersome. We could also do without the recurring request to register with MSI.

Apart from these small shortcomings, the mouse offers an average setting package: The various keys can be reconfigured and assigned macros, and the five DPI profiles can be adjusted in 100 increments in the range between 600 and 6,200 DPI.

For the illumination, MSI offers several dynamic effects that can be adjusted in terms of speed and brightness. Mystic Light is also available, allowing the effects to be displayed across different components. Only a direct control of the individual RGB LEDs for a multicolored, static illumination would have been nice.

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