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Musegear Finder 2: Key Tracker under Test

Probably every reader of this article has had to look for an important key at least once in his life. Perhaps this search was crowned with success, as the important instrument was merely relocated. But perhaps it remained unsuccessful and the key still lies around somewhere in the public space where it was lost – which is certainly annoying, since it usually entails the preventive replacement of the associated lock.

Of course the Musegear Finder 2 can not only be used for keys. It can also be simply left in the car, attached to the dog’s collar or used in many other scenarios. There are hardly any limits to your own creativity here.

With the second version of Musegear’s Finder this annoying key search should finally be a thing of the past. In conjunction with a smartphone app, the key attached to the finder can be easily located – GPS tracking and alarm functions will then show the way to the lost key.
Our test report is intended to clarify whether the device actually functions as we expect it to.

Design and Workmanship

The design of the Finder is functional in the best sense of the word. It has optionally a white, orange, dark blue or light blue plastic housing. On the upper side there is a small pushbutton, which stands out from the rest of the surface due to its lighting. There is also an opening that is used to attach the finder to the key ring.

Musegear Finder 2
Musegear Finder 2

With dimensions of 35 x 35 x 6 millimetres and a total weight of 7.5 grams, the device is absolutely inconspicuous. It fits wonderfully to the other utensils attached to the bunch of keys and should hardly disturb in everyday life.

In addition to the design, we are also impressed by the workmanship. Despite the very compact case, it looks quite robust and torsion-resistant. Even under pressure, creaking is hardly audible.

The button of the finder is not recessed in the case, which makes it easy to release, but could also lead to an accidental release when carrying it in your trouser pocket.

Next to the main unit there is a small plastic tool and a nylon loop. This makes it easy to open the unit to replace the battery. According to Musegear it lasts about 6 months. It is a commercially available battery that can be bought cheaply anywhere. In the app you can see the current state of the battery, so you can replace it in time.

Open Musegear Finder 2
Open Musegear Finder 2
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