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Nanoleaf Canvas Review – Colour Plays by App, Language or Touch

Nanoleaf first appeared to a wider public with the LED panels “Aurora”. The development team has now added to the list by presenting “Canvas”, the latest generation of lighting elements. The LED panels are primarily decorative elements that can be integrated into any room or smart home network. Our test report reveals how they look, what they can do and how we got along with them.

Design and Scope of Delivery

After unpacking, it becomes apparent that the LED panels consist of several individual parts. In the box we find nine square plastic parts with connection possibilities on the back. They are each 15 x 15 centimeters in size. The possible inserts on the back already show that there is a certain amount of scope for assembly: The individual parts can be inserted at the same height or staggered. This results in a wide variety of patterns that can be created with the LED panels. This in turn gives users more scope for design – in other words, they are comparatively flexible decorative elements.

A comparison with the Aurora panels shows that other connections are now used. In practice, this means that the LED panels cannot be mixed. Canva LEDs can only be connected to other Canva LEDs.

Next to the light panels, there are adhesive strips with which they can be attached to the wall, as well as a power supply unit in the carton. We are thus equipped with all the things we need to mount the panels.

Now, relatively little may have been said about design so far. However, this is due to the fact that the intended effect of the panels only unfolds when they are switched on. For this they have to be mounted first – we will discuss this in more detail in the next subitem. Due to the circumstances described above, we will only focus on the design of the parts that are not yet in use in this sub-item, and thus essentially on a technical-functional and not yet on an aesthetic design. However, we do not want to completely exclude this assessment and evaluation, but only take it up at a later point in time.

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