Nanoleaf Innovations Presented in the Run-up to the CES

Nanoleaf, whose Canvas we already had in the test (GOLD AWARD), has presented some product innovations in the run-up to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, which will be presented in real life for the first time at the fair.

The new Nanoleaf Learning Series is designed to make lighting even more intelligent. Compared to competing smart home systems, which are usually controlled by voice, app control or timer and, according to Nanoleaf, are not very intuitive, the Learning Series features motion detectors, light sensors and artificial intelligence that automatically adjusts lighting to the behavior of users. After the initial learning phase, the lighting system, which also includes intelligent light switches, light bulbs, push buttons and gateways, knows its owner’s sleep rhythm, for example, and automatically adjusts the lighting intensity throughout the day to ensure that the user falls asleep or wakes up soon. According to Nanoleaf, this makes the Learning Series the first lighting system that truly simplifies life and addresses the needs of its users.

In addition, the Nanoleaf Unified Light Panels will be shown at CES. These are light panels that further extend the design scope compared to other model series of the company. Thanks to their interoperability, the Unified Light Panels can also be combined with other panels from the manufacturer. However, the components of the new lighting system will not be launched on the market until between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

The Nanoleaf Unified Light Panels start with the Unified Hexagons, whose geometrical shape with its six sides offers a wide range of design options. According to Nanoleaf, the honeycomb-shaped panels are even thinner, which also ensures that no damage is done to the walls thanks to the improved mounting system. Functions such as configurable color scenes, music visualization and the screen mirror function, which are already familiar from other light panels, can still be used with the unified hexagons. Nanoleaf has not yet announced the prices of the new products.

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