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Need for Speed Heat Review – Palm City Awaits You

Comprehensive tuning possibilities

When it comes to riding feel, Need for Speed Heat proves to be an arcade title, so even newcomers won’t have any trouble. The individual speedsters all have their own individual profile, can be tuned in different ways and are easy to control even on wet roads.

As you progress through the game, you can upgrade your sled with a variety of prizes, as well as invest in higher quality vehicles. The enormous range of tuning possibilities invites you to play around and personalize your own car. Not only can you screw on the look, the paint or the rims, but you can also adjust the handling or the engine sound. More than 100 vehicles are available for you to choose from, from Mercury to Mercedes to Lamborghini, all well-known brands are represented.

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The campaign has around 20 hours of playing time, with a wide variety of track types being unlocked over time. While you’ll need to speed up on the normal circuits, Palm City’s streets are packed with tight corners, speed traps, and various obstacles. You’ll have to hold your sled securely in the corners when drifting, and on the off-road tracks you’ll have to master unpleasant terrain with gradients, boulders and mud.

With Palm City, the developers have created a tranquil backdrop that lacks a wealth of facets. With a palm-fringed city centre and various coastal and country roads, the backdrop offers too few new challenges in the long run.

If you’d rather be exploring the streets with other players, you can explore the virtual Palm City with up to 15 other players in Online Mode.

Averse to compliant KI

All in all Need for Speed Heat proves to be a less demanding racer, which makes it easier for beginners to get started. Even the most demanding of the three difficulty levels can be mastered very well. This is mainly due to the less aggressive AI, which can be quickly suspended on the road and rarely gets you into trouble. Those who expect exciting duels with the competition will unfortunately be disappointed at this point.

Very beginner-friendly

The control in Need for Speed Heat is quickly internalized and therefore makes it easier for newcomers to the genre to get started. The vehicles can be controlled very well even in the rain, so you can easily brettern through puddles and mud. Even drifting doesn’t present you with too many challenges, so that even tight corners can be mastered very well at the touch of a button.

The details are convincing

The graphics of Need for Speed Heat are quite respectable, but can undoubtedly not keep up with the presentation of the genre greats. The individual scenes are especially effective thanks to the successful light and weather effects. While during the day the sun reflects in the water or splashing raindrops wet your windows, the pulsating Palm City is decorated with bright neon colors at night. Your rides will be driven by a rock soundtrack that will make your adrenaline level rise again.

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