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Need for Speed Heat Review – Palm City Awaits You

The success series is again in the race

After the predecessor had been hard in the criticism recently, the successful series is now finally back in the race thanks to Need for Speed Heat.

The story serves only as a shallow basic structure – but the changing game of day and night mode works very well. Especially the wild chases at night make you in a good mood and provide the desired adrenaline kick.

Thanks to the various tuning options, your own sled can also be upgraded and personalized at will.

In terms of difficulty Need for Speed Heat proves to be very beginner-friendly thanks to the arcaded controls and the tame AI. At this point, the developers could have increased the demand a little bit to make even die-hard racing game enthusiasts sweat.

Although the weather effects in Need for Speed Heat are quite respectable – but the racer also moves in this point rather in the good midfield.

All in all Need for Speed Heat proves to be an entertaining racer with small weaknesses, who skilfully continues the successful series.

+ new setting – no real background history
+ successful change of day and night modes
+ exciting car chases
+ extensive tuning possibilities
+ more than 100 different vehicles
+ motivating call point system
+ different types of tracks, such as drift or off-road tracks
– for passionate racing game fans too arcadelastig
– generic game world
+ three different levels of difficulty
+ very beginner friendly
– low demanding KI
Control System
+ Control can be quickly internalized
+ Vehicles are easy to handle even in mud and rain
Graphic & Sound
+ atmospheric lighting effects and dynamic weather effects
+driving soundtrack
– can’t keep up with other genre sizes optically
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