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noblechairs ICON Review: The Throne of Gaming Chairs

Highly Used: The Most Obvious Benefits of the ICON

The noblechairs ICON in black imitation leather and red accent seams
The noblechairs ICON in black PU imitation leather and red decorative seams in full splendour

Some of the advantages of the ICON are already noticeable at first sight. At least on the surface, PU artificial leather cannot be distinguished from genuine leather. It is excellently finished, adapts perfectly to the upholstery and impresses with an untypical thickness for artificial leather.

Furthermore, it is immediately apparent that weaknesses of the predecessor were consistently eliminated and errors of the competition avoided. Noblechairs, for example, is one of the few suppliers on the market to deliver 4D armrests that don’t rattle or stand out due to a bad fit. The technical and design competence of the team is also evident at ICON. Although the chair is not particularly strikingly designed visually, its construction and size make it reminiscent of a throne, which definitely makes it stand out from the crowd.

Frequent Criticisms

The predecessor EPIC can be called revolutionary with a clear conscience. Despite his great success and the consistently positive opinions, however, some points of criticism were noticed. The most frequent criticism was of unsuitability for heavier persons. The EPIC was designed for a weight of up to 120 kilograms. Even the rather narrow backrests made it difficult for corpulent people to sit comfortably.

A tentative improvement of this circumstance was made in the successor. Noble chairs, for example, indicate the maximum weight of the ICON at 150 kilograms – the average player will hardly exceed this weight. In addition, the ICON has flattened seat cheeks that contain one less metal strut than the EPIC. This adjustment allows even fuller gamers to enjoy a comfortable fit. In addition, the backrest has been adapted to provide more space for wide shoulders.

Sitting Comfort: Legroom, Improved Backrest

The enormous seating comfort of the gaming chair was already mentioned in the previous paragraph. Compared to its predecessor in particular, it is striking how comfortable and ergonomic the chair is at the same time. A structural change in the backrest not only makes it much more inviting, but also allows a free seat with a good posture at the same time. While the backrest of the predecessor became wider and wider towards the top to finally merge into two large wings, the backrest of the ICON is tapered towards the top.

In total it was narrowed by almost twenty centimetres. Nevertheless, the backrest of the ICON has an effectively usable area that is nine centimetres larger than that of its predecessor. This change not only benefits corpulent users, but also every user, as there is no feeling of tightness when sitting. Instead, the seat is very inviting and gives the seated person a lot of freedom in every respect.

The comfortable seat of the noble chair ICON
The comfortable seat of the noble chair ICON

While many gaming chairs offer hardly any legroom, the developers of noble chairs attached particular importance to this often underestimated factor. The flattening of the seat cheeks and the absence of additional metal struts give the thighs undreamt-of freedom. This enables every user to take the optimal position for himself. This is definitely a plus point that represents a unique selling proposition.

It should be mentioned that the lateral support is not lost despite the enormous flattening. So the additional freedom doesn’t take a toll – an absolutely successful implementation!

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