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noblechairs ICON Review: The Throne of Gaming Chairs

Sports Seat or Gaming Chair? Upholstery, Support and Luxurious Seat

In the past, gaming chairs from noblechairs were regularly reminiscent of sports seats. This impression was deliberately provoked by holes for “seat belts”. The ICON does without this “extra”, which does not harm the overall appearance of the seat. In general, the ICON looks much less like a sports seat than its predecessor. This change in appearance is due to the improvement of the seat properties. The wings on the backrest, which are typical of sports seats, had to give way to seating comfort and ergonomic features.

The strikingly firm upholstery of the seat was already an advantage of the EPIC, but not every gamer liked it. Noblechairs is relying on an even firmer upholstery in the new model – for the sake of support and ergonomics. This increased hold ultimately supports the most favourable individual posture. In this way, back pain caused by incorrect posture is effectively avoided.

The diamond pattern of the noble chair ICON
The diamond pattern of the noble chair ICON

Also striking is the particularly thick padding of the headrest, which also extends quite far forward. The almost obligatory neck cushion is almost superfluous due to the padding and the existing dimensions of the support. Nevertheless, both such a neck cushion and a lordosis cushion are included in the scope of delivery. This means that there is no need to forego this additional comfort.

The backrest has the familiar design with its noble leather look and diamond pattern ornamental seams – the chair has a high-quality look. The red colour of the decorative seams is an eye-catcher that complements the noble design well.

The Armrests: Surprisingly Harmonious

In principle, gamers know very little about 4D armrests. They clatter, do not sit properly and impair the experience as a whole. A generally excellent chair can quickly become a flop due to poorly adjusted 4D armrests. Noblechairs, on the other hand, does not make any mistakes here either. The armrests don’t clatter and blend in perfectly with the overall appearance, both technically and visually.

In addition, the armrests have a pleasantly striking upholstery. In terms of design, the black powder coating and the slight rounding of the backrests are worth mentioning. These details ensure that they fit seamlessly into the rest of the seat.

The Foundation of the Seat: The Base Tested

The previously outstanding elements of the ICON chair are mounted on a resilient turnstile. This must not only withstand the weight of the seated person, but also the daily ordeals. For this reason it is made of solid aluminium. Combined with the Class 4 gas lift, it makes the ICON one of the most robust gaming chairs on the market. All in all, the seat’s foundation proves to be absolutely practical. It withstands normal loads without any problems and allows the chair to be moved easily thanks to the integrated castors.

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