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Parallels Desktop 14 For Mac OS: Virtualization Software Review

Every computer user appreciates his operating system. But sometimes one is not enough. For such a purpose we introduce Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac OS.

Parallels Desktop for Mac OS

Parallels Desktop for Mac OS comes in two versions. The user decides what is important to him. The versions do not differ in the scope of functions.

Purchase Subscription
Price: 99,99 Euro one time 79,99 Euro per year
Free updates: none running
User group: Pupils, private users Private users, developers, testers


Remote Mac access: none from your browser, Android or iOS smartphone on the go

Parallels Desktop Installation

Parallels Desktop as software itself is easy and quick to install. When you start the software for the first time, an installation wizard appears to familiarize you with the software. In the following step, the user installs the desired guest operating system, for example Windows 10. This can be installed from a storage medium or from an ISO file.

Parallels Desktop supports a variety of guest operating systems. In addition to Microsoft‘s Windows 10, older Windows versions, Linux distributions and Mac OS predecessors are also included. However, the list also contains eccentrics such as Chrome OS or Solaris. A complete list of Parallels Desktop supporting guest operating systems can be found on their website:


The installation process of the guest operating system itself is no different from a traditional installation on a computer. The same applies to the installation of application software within the guest operating system.

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