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PHANTEKS Enthoo Primo Review – A Big Tower for Custom Water Cooling

Scope of Delivery

Beside the Tower there is the accessory box in the package, which you are used to with Phanteks housings. Further accessories in the form of a pump and AGB holder are also included and everything is well packed so that unpacking is all the more fun. In our case, the Enthoo Primo arrived with the Phanteks Glacier-GPU-Watercooler, which was also used.


The workmanship is first class as usual from Phanteks! You don’t really have to mention more at this point.


As Big-Tower the Enthoo Primo is compatible with motherboards up to the E-ATX form factor as well as a lot of drives, fans, radiators and overlong gaming graphics cards. Five 140mm PH-F140SP fans (max. 1,200 rpm; 19dB(A)) are pre-installed and a total of up to 13 fans fit into the tower:

  • 2x 140/120 mm (front side)
  • 2x 140/120 mm (rear)
  • 2x 120 mm (HDD cage)
  • 2x 140/120 mm (right side panel)
  • 3x 140 / 4x 120 mm (cover)
  • 2x 140 / 4x 120 mm (floor)

Since the class primus is predestined for custom water cooling, the installation of radiators is supported as follows:

  • 1x max. 240 mm (front side)
  • 1x max. 140 mm (back side)
  • 1x max. 240 mm (right side panel)
  • 1x max. 480/280 mm (cover)
  • 1x max. 480/280 mm (floor)

Up to five optical drives can be installed, which shows the Primo’s age. Two removable drive cages can hold three 2.5″ or 3.5″ media each and up to four SSDs can be added ex factory. Two additional SSDs can be installed using optional SSD brackets.

If you want to install a radiator with a length of 360 or 480 mm in the lid or base, you should first check whether these are narrow enough to fit behind the panel on the left side. Normally, however, this should not be a problem. Note, however, that the lower drive cage must be removed to accommodate a triple or quad radiator in the floor.

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