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Raijintek Juno Pro RBW – RGB Lighting at a Top Price


The big feature of the Juno Pro RBW is undoubtedly the lighting: Such lighting is currently not available as cheap as with this cooler, unless you get an RGB boxed cooler from AMD with the CPU.

A total of 15 LEDs are installed in the plastic frame surrounding the fan, which are controlled by an internal controller and enable a rotating RGB effect. The lighting is Raijintek well done: It looks optically very appealing, the light distribution is quite homogeneous and thus clearly better than some other fans that only use four or eight LEDs in the frame. However, further adjustment options would have been nice, for example via a real ARGB connection.

Volume and cooling capacity

Given the design of the Juno Pro RBW, you can’t expect miracles at the temperatures. Although the cooler offers finer fins than the small boxed coolers from AMD and Intel, the radial design and the absence of heatpipes make them unable to compete with more complex cooler designs.

Cooler Operating Scenario RPM Temperature
AMD Wraith Stealth 12V 2.650 75°C
AMD Wraith Stealth Fan control 2.650 75°C
Raijintek Juno Pro RBW PWM (100%) 1.800 71°C
Raijintek Juno Pro RBW Fan control 1.800 71°C

Interestingly, the Juno Pro RBW barely manages to sit in front of the AMD Wraith Stealth. Where the only small temperature difference comes from cannot be determined unambiguously. It would be possible that the massive aluminium base of the AMD cooler distributes the heat better than the compressed Raijintek fins, or the contact pressure makes the difference. The Wraith Stealth was tightened by us, whereas the Juno Pro is only stretched by the retaining bridge on the radiator.

Since the Raijintek cooler can only be controlled via PWM, full load tests with a lower rotational speed are not possible: The mainboard used always operates the fan at 100 percent duty cycle at the temperature reached. The operating noise of the cooler under full load is slightly higher than that of the AMD boxed cooler, but even at maximum speed the Juno Pro RBW is still pleasantly quiet. A mid-range processor without overclocking or even with slight undervolting can be operated problem-free and smoothly.

Cooler Distance to the wall Operating Scenario Temperature
Raijintek Juno Pro RBW >1m PWM (100%) 71°C
Raijintek Juno Pro RBW 50 mm PWM (100%) 81°C
Raijintek Juno Pro RBW 40 mm PWM (100%) 83°C
Raijintek Juno Pro RBW 30 mm PWM (100%) 87°C

As the distance to the wall decreases, the cooling capacity of the Raijintek Juno Pro RBW deteriorates noticeably. Therefore, at least 40 millimeters should be available up to the housing wall, especially if the other space conditions are not very lavish. As usual, at least one case fan should also be planned to prevent heat build-up.

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