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Razer Electra V2: Affordable Gaming Headset Reviewed

The “Electra V2” headset from Razer has been on the market for several months. It is available in a version with a 3.5 mm jack port and a version with a USB port. The current market price ranges between 59.99 euros and 69.99 euros. In our extensive test of the headset with jack connector, we examined the design, the sound quality, the quality of the microphone and the wearing comfort including insulation.

Design and Workmanship

The headset has a typical razer design. It doesn’t stand out too much optically, but it’s not boring. Almost all components are in black. Only the auricles have neon green accents and the cables are neon green. Optically the Electra V2 looks very high-quality and almost noble. Like almost all headsets from Razer, it moves between “normal” and “game-typical” design, so that it should appeal visually to most prospective customers.

The headband connecting the two auricles is made of aluminium, which makes it appear very robust. It is nevertheless easy to bend or adjust. At this point, Razer is definitely a compliment – with the choice of material as well as the workmanship and design, an ideal blend of attractive design and functionality has been achieved.

The only point of criticism can be found in touching the auricles. These are made of plastic and look accordingly cheap. This breaks the overall impression a little and attracts attention. Since these components of the headset rarely need to be touched in everyday use, the plastic manufacturing should not be noticeable during normal use.

The microphone of the Razer Electra V2 can be removed, making the headset suitable for everyday use. This is strikingly positive.

Sound Quality

Razer promises a balanced sound experience for the Electra V2. In the test, the produced sound actually appears balanced – unfortunately a bit too much balanced. True points of criticism cannot be found, because the sound produced is rock solid. But that’s all he is in any case. However, the Electra V2 never presents real highlights. So basses seem as pale and almost boring as highs. The mids are reproduced very clearly – the sound is in a kind of mediocrity without any special deviations. This can be negatively interpreted as absolutely boring, or positively as solid and free of dropouts.

Those who already have experience with other Razer products will be more or less disappointed. After purchasing a headset, the average user usually expects strong bass, clear, exciting highs and an unprecedented sound experience. The Electra V2 does not offer all this. The sound is much more ordinary. An average headphone, which is usually available for a fraction of the headset price, can in most cases offer a solid sound without any special features. Unfortunately the Electra V2 can’t do much more in the test.

Other headsets in this price range offer more exciting sounds that can truly bring new experiences. The Electra V2, on the other hand, seems to be primarily concerned with not making any “mistakes” at all – which unfortunately deprives it of the chance to reproduce deep, clear bass and exciting highs. The sound is by no means bad, but it always sounds the same and degenerates into a kind of rippling uniform mush.

The plastic bodies of the auricles, which represent a good resonance body, also attract negative attention here. Touching the auricles, but also movements on the cable, can be heard partially.

Those who only expect a solid sound will not be disappointed. But if you want more, you should use a different headset.

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