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Razer Ifrit: Streamer Headset Reviewed

A few weeks ago, Razer presented the “Ifrit”, a headset aimed primarily at streamers and video producers. It’s strikingly different from other popular headsets – the design hardly deserves the name and the headset is featherlight. With this device, Razer is primarily targeting a young and mobile target group that is constantly on the move and wants to produce content for social networks everywhere. But it should also be advantageous in your own four walls, because it is hardly noticeable in the stream and does not destroy the hairstyle.

We wanted to find out whether Razer’s unusual device was really convincing and tested it thoroughly for this purpose. The results of the test can be found below.

Design and Workmanship: Especially Functional

The most striking difference to other headsets is the design. While gaming headsets are usually large, heavy and eye-catching, the Ifrit is not. It’s tiny, easy and quick to overlook. At first glance, it is reminiscent of typical call center headsets. But even these should be more conspicuous than the Ifrit, which consists only of a thin hanger.

With its design, Razer proves that it has understood the needs of the target group addressed. The young broadcaster target group wants to be able to produce content anywhere and at any time, but without any effort. The Ifrit makes that possible. It can be put on easily and with just a short movement of the hand – without destroying the hairstyle. The light bow, which is placed around the back of the head, is hardly noticeable in practice. So if you’re afraid of oppressive and disruptive headsets, you don’t have to worry about Ifrit.

So the design is above all functional. Razer attaches very little importance to creative aspects, but this can’t be regarded as a point of criticism, since the device obviously doesn’t score with beauty, but with simplicity.

The device is processed very well despite the amazing lightness. Although it looks fragile, it proves to be sufficiently robust in the test. Once again, Razer demonstrates its understanding of the needs of the target group. Thanks to the good workmanship, the headset can be easily transported.

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