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Razer Nari Gaming Headset Review

With the Nari series, Razer has launched a product line consisting of three identical headsets. Besides the rather sparsely equipped basic version and the Ultimate version with its haptic feedback, Razer offers a medium version that is well equipped but doesn’t vibrate. We took a closer look at this middle version – distributed under the name “Nari” without any additional information – in a test.

In our detailed test report we will clarify to what extent it is worth buying this expensive device with a price of € 119.10. Of course, we will proceed as comprehensively as possible and accordingly take a close look at every aspect of the headset.

Razer Nari Gaming Headset
Razer Nari Gaming Headset

Design and Workmanship

Unpacked, the Nari headset presents itself in a very typical and therefore almost unobservable design. It does not differ externally in any way from other headsets of the manufacturer – which does not necessarily have to be bad. So it is rather discreetly designed, which should accommodate many users. The Razer Nari doesn’t allow itself any extravagances or extravagances.

Those who prefer solid designs will find a headset in the Nari that fully meets their requirements. Only the manufacturer’s logo on the ear cups can be individually illuminated. The comparatively unobtrusive design makes the headset look quite high-quality. Razer seems to attach great importance to serving a more classic upscale taste. Unusual shapes, bright colours and strong contrasts are therefore sought in vain. But if you prefer these extravagances, you might find the Nari design boring.

Razer Nari Gaming Headset
Razer Nari Gaming Headset

As far as the workmanship is concerned, it is first noticeable that the device is comparatively heavy at 403 grams – but you don’t really notice it when wearing it. It should be noted here that wireless headsets are usually somewhat heavier than their wired counterparts, which is due to the increased use of built-in technology. The device feels high-quality and thus seamlessly ties in with the comparatively noble impression created by the design.

We also found the mounting of the individual control elements to be well done in the test. While the volume control is attached to the right earpiece, on the left there are controls for the game chat balance, which will be examined later, as well as the on/off switch and a button for muting the microphone.

The left auricle also has a connector for a jack cable for wired operation and a micro-USB connector for charging the battery.

The headset is altogether well processed and looks high-quality. The design is restrained and also creates a rather noble impression. Probably it doesn’t appeal to everyone who is interested – which can’t be expected.

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