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Reolink Keen Review: The Completely Wireless Surveillance Camera

Assembly and Setup of the Reolink Keen

Building the Reolink Keen couldn’t be easier. The surveillance camera can simply be placed anywhere or alternatively turned onto a thread. The mounting kit is available for this purpose, which of course has to be screwed to a wall first, but you can also use any photo tripod if you prefer.

With the motion sensor, Reolink even makes it easy for us, because a double-sided 3M adhesive tape is included that the holder of the light sensor attaches everywhere without any problems. Of course you can also work with screws here. However, it is not possible to stand up because of the shape.

The setup of the surveillance camera is also very simple, because it is set to a QR code. After installing the smartphone app, the QR code on the back of the camera must first be scanned. The app can thus uniquely assign the camera and recognize the camera without delay. You can then select whether the camera is to be set up or only accessed. We select the setup and enter the WLAN access data. The app then generates a QR code that has to be read by the camera. The smartphone must be held about 20 cm in front of the Reolink Keen. Then we hear over the loudspeakers of the surveillance camera that the connection could be established successfully – or not. And already the setup is finished and we can manage and use the camera via the app. We can also assign a password here to protect against unauthorized access.

The motion sensor is automatically connected to the surveillance camera. So all we have to do is switch it on by inserting the battery correctly and it is already active. In order to get a message about the app, we have to arm it.

By the way, there are programs from Reolink for Windows and Mac as well, but these are unfortunately not yet compatible with the Reolink Keen. Perhaps this will be the case in the future, but so far only management via mobile devices with iOS or Android has been possible.

Functions of the Reolink Keen

Image Quality and Shooting

With multiple modes, the image quality can be changed to use different amount of bandwidth. The best quality is obtained in “Clear” mode with a FullHD resolution (1080p) of 15 frames per second. This consumes about 2,300 Kb/s, in “Fluent” mode it is only about 125 Kb/s. The middle “Balanced” mode reaches about 450 Kb/s. Of course, the resolution is also lower. During the transmission I had neither problems over WLAN nor over the mobile radio network.

Here’s a short daylight shot:

In addition, the Reolink Keen has IR-sensors to be able to take pictures without light, in addition here a picture:

Altogether the quality could be better, after all it is recorded with 1080p. Unfortunately the sensor doesn’t seem to be very good, so everything is a bit washed out and noisy. But for the price of the camera you can’t expect more. Therefore: top!

The camera can also be easily moved via the app. For this purpose, a motor is installed that allows horizontal movement of 355 degrees and horizontal movement of 105 degrees. So you can easily look around in the surroundings.

Recordings can easily be started via the app. In the case of manual recording, the material is stored on the smartphone. If, on the other hand, the motion sensor triggers a recording, the video is stored on the (optional) mSD card. Unfortunately, the compartment for the mSD card is completely open and accessible from the outside, so anyone can simply take the memory card with them. There is no internal memory or direct cloud recording. I see that as a disadvantage. At least you get a push notification on your smartphone at the same time to watch or record from there.

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