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Reolink RLC-423WS Outdoor Camera Review

The Outdoor Camera Under Test: Night Scene

After the first test runs during the day, the night run followed. The Reolink RLC423-WS comes with infrared and promises a visibility of up to 58m. In the test run was an estimated width of 35 m. The contours of the façade, the different depositions of the existing light sources and the fact that it was raining could not cause the test to fail. Instead, the camera convinced with its technology.

In contrast to the day, movements are more noisy and the delay increases slightly. Nevertheless, the quality is impressive.

Before Purchase Consider

The camera was tested for the test inside a rental apartment. This had several backgrounds, which should be considered at this point by anyone planning to purchase a suitable outdoor camera.

On the one hand, it is not clear whether the enclosed power cable is weatherproof or only the camera. At the camera there is a notch for a cable to lead it out at the side. The prerequisite for this would be an external socket. If the cable is not weather resistant, there must be a breakthrough to the living area.

On the other hand it is very praiseworthy that suitable screws and dowels are enclosed. However, the user should know the properties for his house wall in advance. If not, a specialist, for example at the nearest DIY store, is available for advice.

Anyone who wants to use this camera as an apartment or house tenant must obtain a building permit from the landlord in order to make a breakthrough into the living space and to attach it to the façade itself.

An alternative, also from Reolink, is the Reolink Argus. This is battery-operated and saves the user a breakthrough to the living room. We have already tested the Reolink Argus for you:

Reolink Argus Review: Surveillance Camera for Outdoor

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