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Reolink RLC-423WS Outdoor Camera Review


The Reolink RLC423-WS convinces with its technology and its range of functions. The image quality is very good both during the day and at night. She recognizes movements just as carefully. Your initial setup directly on the router is a minor effort, the fixed installation requires a little manual skill. After all, the 1.7 kg technology should not fall off the wall or damage the house wall at the first breeze.

The connection can be made via WLAN or LAN and it comes with a fairly large integrated memory of 32 GB. Due to the many platforms offered, there is a suitable one for every end user.

For friends of greater security, the platform can be used for more than one camera, e.g. via iOS app. As a result, these facilities can be shared directly from iPhone to iPhone without having to start from scratch.

Reolink as a manufacturer offers interested parties the possibility to save recordings via FTP. Alternatively, they themselves have a so-called network video recorder (NVR), which makes it possible to extend the storage of a 24-hour monitoring system. This makes the Reolink RLC423-WS not only for domestic use.

However, as with any product, there is a downside. Although the camera should be able to handle interference-free operation and signal loss via WLAN, it was sometimes very difficult to establish a connection at all. And this at distances of less than 5m as the crow flies to the router and the smartphone with common sources of interference, which caused no problems for other devices. In some cases the parcel lot was 20% and despite a positive ping it was not always possible to establish a connection. The use of another device (smartphone, tablet or web app via WLAN) did not bring better success. Even after a successful marriage, she often lost contact.

In this respect, it was almost impossible to receive notifications of movements via push notification or e-mail far from home. However, the setup for this is easily adjustable within the app. Remote access is also not possible without further technical knowledge.

Desired Features

Desirable, however my personal opinion, is a continuous recording operation. Currently, the camera records only when motion is detected. Furthermore, remote access while on the move, preferably via mobile app, is not possible without further basic technical knowledge (FTP, VPN, fixed IP). Sometimes, even just for fun, you want to see for yourself on the road and not wait for a notification. This would make the product more attractive. A connection to an existing home network, such as HomeKit, would be the perfect complement.

Reolink RLC423-WS

Connection & Controlling

Secure camera!

The Reolink RLC423-WS is a technically well equipped surveillance camera for outdoor use.

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