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Review: Inateck BR1006 Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

Design and Workmanship

Inateck does things right with the receiver. The BR1006 has a rather simple but appealing and compact design. The small matt black receiver/transmitter fits in any pocket. The workmanship is flawless. No corners protrude, no gaps or workmanship errors at the buttons and clatter does nothing. Inateck promises high performance for the coupling of end devices. It doesn’t matter whether the device has Bluetooth or only wired connectivity. The reception power is impeccable at all times, even if there are several sources of interference adjacent to the receiver. With a range of 7 to 8 meters, the range is quite acceptable, in our test we were able to reach 10 meters, even through thicker walls. Up to 8 devices can be stored simultaneously in the box, whereby only 2 can be paired simultaneously.

Transmit and Receive

Before we begin with the RX and TX modes, an important note. The Inateck BR1006 Bluetooth receiver and transmitter supports aptX HD. aptX HD is the redesigned version of aptX and provides even better sound quality. Qualcomm says it achieves better quality than playing a CD. The bandwidth is 576 kbps. The standard is not yet supported by many devices, but is almost unique in this product format.

In RX mode, wired headphones that need to be connected to an output device via a 3.5 mm jack can be operated “wirelessly”. For example, the cable does not go to the mobile phone, but to the small box in the trouser pocket. If you now connect your mobile phone to the small box, the desired music can be heard on the headphones via Bluetooth. For me a big advantage, because I can use the mobile phone without annoying cable freely. In RX mode, we had occasional breaks during the test, even with different devices. The connection breaks had nothing to do with sources of interference, it was tested in different environments. However, since the terminations often only occur after 30 to 45 minutes, this does not do the evaluation any great harm.

In TX mode, the BR1006. If you try to keep your desk free of cables, you can connect the BR1006 directly to the PC. The sound can thus be sent directly to a Bluetooth receiver, such as a loudspeaker. In our test the pairing worked immediately, although we had no selection menu for pairing the devices.

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