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Review: SteelSeries Arctis 3 – A Premium Headset?

With the Arctis headsets, SteelSeries not only goes a new way with the design of its headsets. New technology is also installed and the own benchmark is set very high. How is the established gaming peripheral manufacturer doing with its Arctis 3 in our test? You will learn everything in the following text.

Packaging and Workmanship

When I spend 100 Euros on a headset, I expect a good packaging. And I can say that the box already speaks for itself. The typical product image is on the front and the product information on the back. As this is a limited edition, the cardboard is also adapted to the colour of the headset. This is already a highlight due to different accents. Inside we find the headset, tightly packed and without cable ties or cords. The packaging has been thought through. It’s fun to unpack the headset.

The first impression already looks a lot and there is not much left of the previous design of the SteelSeries headsets. The headset is very simple, but the design of the ear cups and the headband are convincing. If someone has the SteelSeries headset on their head, it is immediately obvious that it is an Arctis headset. Unlike other headsets, the bracket is not directly on the head, but only the headband. This tape is also used to set the size. This technology means there is no pressure on the head, even when the headset is tightly adjusted. This also creates a very pleasant wearing comfort.

The cover of the auricles is also very beneficial for the wearing comfort. The Siberia headsets had always worked with imitation leather. The Arctis range relies on “AirWeave” fabric. This cover ensures that the ears remain cool and sweat-free even during long gaming sessions. The same cover is also used in the Corsair Void Pro and has already convinced me there.

Although the Acrtis 3 is mostly made of plastic, it feels very valuable. The headband is very rigid and the joints have no play. The headset is very solidly built, but still very easy to hold.

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