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Reviewed: Bowers & Wilkins PX Headphones – Top Class with Noise-Cancelling

Wearing Comfort

In this section, Bowers & Wilkins headphones will lose several points for the first time. First there is my critical point of view for leather pads. For longer music sessions I consider them unsuitable, because they are not breathable and therefore the ears sweat and the headphones stick more. Despite the memory foam, the Ear Pads are somewhat harder than necessary. However, the choice of materials benefits the sound as well as the noise shielding and there will certainly be users who have a different opinion.

The Earpads
The Earpads

Two large criticism points can, however, be found to be undisputed. On the one hand the comfort with glasses is bad and also the noise cancelling as well as the sound quality suffer enormously. Even the manual points out this impairment. The headphones are therefore not recommended for spectacle wearers. On the other hand the headphones do not hold well on the head. In the hold test, the PX quickly say goodbye to the head when you wiggle it very jerkily. As a result, there are better alternatives for sport.

However, when wear the headphones do not slip and you can wear them for long periods of time. They’re also good on the ears. The weight of 335 g is not light. All in all, the headphones are comfortable with the limitations mentioned, but the competition shows that it can be even better. As mentioned in the introduction, the price also sets the bar very high.

Noise Cancelling

Bowers & Wilkins gets on the NC train late, the PX headphones are the first of the company with active noise reduction. The usefulness of this function should not be underestimated, as peace is a welcome luxury nowadays.

Portraitshot subway woman
Portraitshot subway woman

The Over-Ear solution with leather upholstery initially helps to reduce ambient noise even without an active NC. The construction shows the focus on sound and noise cancelling despite criticisms in comfort. A further advantage is that few sound waves are emitted. This is very good, because you usually don’t want to sound the whole neighborhood in the train or the like.

The PXs are doing surprisingly well with the NC. The headphones also score points with multiple settings for noise reduction. This can be switched on and off mechanically by pressing a button or with the corresponding app. The user can choose from three modes in the app: Flight, Office and City. The test shows that each mode serves its purpose and individualizes noise suppression. Different gradations can be set for the modes that regulate the volume of the transmitted ambient noise. However, this sounds too artificial in the higher range and is hardly used in everyday life. In direct comparison to competing products (specifically Bose or Sony), Bowers & Wilkins’ NC is slightly lower, but on a small scale.

Portraitshot Business Man
Portraitshot Business Man

The noise reduction is a useful feature and the Brits have done very well with the PX.

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