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Reviewed: Bowers & Wilkins PX Headphones – Top Class with Noise-Cancelling


Let’s now move on to the core business of headphones, the sound experience. The Bowers & Wilkins PX sound consistently top-class. The 2x 40 mm full range drivers do a great job, the sound couldn’t be better for daily headphones.

The previously criticized structural shielding of the auricles and the angling of the drivers in the chassis ensure an excellent spatial sound image, which is also shown in the 8D audio test. The potential volume is more than sufficient. The input impedance is designed with a low 22 Ohm for smartphones and the like. The sound of the headphones is not much better with good amplifiers than with good files. The frequency range covers everything with 10 Hz – 20 kHz.

Angled Chassis, Interior
Angled Chassis, Interior

Of course, I’ve been listening through our entire test playlist again. From classic to trance to hard rock my ears had to put up with a lot. It has been shown that the headphones have no particular feel-good niche, but in all areas a very good performance. In the demanding areas, such as Beethoven’s 4th Piano Concerto or film music, the superiority over many competing products was most evident. The heights here remain clear and harmonious. The PX have a powerful and precise bass. The mids and highs are well coordinated, the overall sound image is excellent. Noise cancelling contributes its part to this. You get your money’s worth even at low volumes. The best way to describe the sound is with the adjective naturally.

However, the test also showed that the headphones do not iron out poor sound sources. You’re not glossing over anything. Higher-resolution sources should therefore be used in order to fully exploit the sound capacities. However, this quality level can already be achieved via Bluetooth with Spotify 320 kbit/s, for example.

In its application area, the sound of the test object is excellent. Only studio headphones can outbid him.

Special Features

At an impressive price you always ask yourself, what can the product do that others can’t? The PX headphones provide good answers. In addition to the high-quality workmanship, good sound and noise cancelling, there are other Features that enhance the headphones.

The scope of delivery
The scope of delivery


Bowers & Wilkins has come up with something special for operation with the PX. Using Proximity sensors, the headphones detect whether they are sitting on the head. You don’t have to turn them on or off manually anymore. If, for example, you are placed on the table for two minutes, they automatically switch to standby. If you put it on, automatically starts the music, once briefly lifted off and the music stops. This intelligent support is appreciated, but you should be able to deactivate it if you like (e.g. in the app).

The rest of the operation is carried out by means of classic buttons. They lie inconspicuously on the back of the right auricle and can be easily distinguished from each other when palpated. The buttons have the usual function assignment: play/pause (1x play key), song forward (2x play key), song back (3x play keys), accept or reject call (play key), hang up call (play key longer), louder, quieter. To switch the ANC, there is an extra key.

There is no speech feedback, but there is sound playback. These can be deactivated in the app. The Operation has everything a user could wish for, the sensors are a big plus.

The Buttons on the Right Auricle
The Buttons on the Right Auricle
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Bowers & Wilkins PX Wireless-Kopfhörer mit Geräuschunterdrückung (Noise-Cancelling), Space Grey im Preisvergleich

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