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Reviewed: Bowers & Wilkins PX Headphones – Top Class with Noise-Cancelling


Another plus point is the long battery life of 22 hours (slightly less in the test!) in Bluetooth NC mode. Coupling with the end device is quick and easy. On demand the Quickstart and an all in all good German documentation will help. Another positive feature is that the headphones can be used with cable transmission, a jack cable is included.


The included cloth bag is designed in the style of the upper class and very useful to bring the precious headphones from A to B. It looks good, has a high-quality finish and closes quickly thanks to its magnetic closure. Speed is the keyword here: user-friendliness is superior to many competing products, because the headphones can be packed in immediately after use whole. So you don’t have to “fold” or squeeze them in. One small drawback is that the bag has openings on the sides. This causes dirt to fall into the bag and the protective function against hard cases is impaired.


The app mentioned in the noise cancelling (for Android and iOS) is another sales argument of the British manufacturer. The NC is super configurable and the headphones can be updated and individually renamed. In addition, the battery status can be read precisely via the app (alternatively with status LED).

The Feedback to the app is predominantly negative in the Playstore, especially because of the necessary location authorization. However, this serves the energy-saving use of Bluetooth and is required in this form of Android. Unfortunately, the connection to the headphones is not always successful, music must be played, otherwise the device will not find the headphones. I am still missing an equalizer or an adaptive noise cancelling in the app.

The app is a positive addition to the product despite the limitations mentioned.

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Bowers & Wilkins PX Wireless-Kopfhörer mit Geräuschunterdrückung (Noise-Cancelling), Space Grey im Preisvergleich

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