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Reviewed: Teufel Cinebar Duett

Kinofeeling mit einer Soundbar?

Good flat screen televisions can now be found in almost every living room. But who thinks of the ears? – the television manufacturers often do not. As a rule, every PC loudspeaker is better than the sound preserves built into the TV. Films and Co. are unthinkable without sound, therefore good sound is not to be neglected. A sound bar is the most popular addition to home cinema in Germany. A look at this test is therefore worthwhile in any case.

The German manufacturer is making a lot of noise about the product description of the test object:

[Die]* Cinebar Duett is Teufel’s brute answer to all the limp sound bears in the acoustically dried out living rooms of crisis-ridden cineastes.

Who leans so far out of the window, can also fall deeply. I unpack the middle class model “Cinebar Duett” for basic tutorials and listen very carefully.


I receive both devices compactly and safely packed in polystyrene. Included is a power cable, a remote control and two Quickstarts. The latter describe the application clearly and only in German or English. That’s good – no confusion of languages and no mass export. Visually, striking elements typical of the company immediately show that we can look forward to a product from Teufel and that we do not have any standard mush in front of us.


The setup of the soundbar goes quite fast . One big plus: There is no cable clutter. The two elements connect wirelessly with each other without delay or loss of sound quality. The configuration for this is concisely described in the manual.

The controls for the subwoofer are located underneath, which is impractical, but allows the flawless design. Since there are only two buttons, you can feel them with a little practice and hardly need them later in use. Once you have done the pairing, there are no more problems with this. The whole process is finished with me after 10 minutes. The connection of the Cinebar Duett is reliable over the whole test period. The operation of the sound bar is then self-explanatory and the remote control clear designed.

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Teufel Cinebar Duett 2.1-Set im Preisvergleich

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€ 499.99
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