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Reviewed: Teufel Cinebar Duett

Kinofeeling mit einer Soundbar?

First Impression

The first test with Bluetooth and Spotify starts wirelessly. To do this, press the Bluetooth button on the remote control for a few seconds, search for the device with your mobile phone and the pairing is done. At first I am dissatisfied with the sound. In a direct comparison with other products, the soundbar loses house high – for the time being. With a few adjustments, the sound of the Cinebar Duett can even keep up with 3-way speakers. More about that later…

Pairing with Bluetooth is user friendly, but cannot be the basis for a serious sound test. I continue to hear with dozens of different genres and all end devices over a period of several weeks.

The Cinebar Duett

Cinebar Duett white Source: Teufel

The Cinebar consists of side-firing speakers, an external subwoofer and six front speakers. These are fired by six power amplifiers, each channel gets its own power amplifier. The technology is packaged in a high-quality plastic housing. You can enjoy the sound with the Cinebar Duett with 90 (max. 120) Watt. A standby function minimizes power consumption to 0.4 watts.

At the Cinebar we find Teufel’s well-known Display behind the front. The display is hidden behind a cellulose coating that covers the entire front. It can be dimmed or switched off completely.

Display Source: Teufel

There are no disturbing elements and also “off” makes the soundbar something. The subwoofer is minimalistic and modern designed. The speakers are surrounded by red decorative rings. The red contrast is also followed by loops on the back and rubber feet on the underside. The design is convincing.

There is nothing to complain about the basic dimensions. The width is with 96cm just compact. The weight of the sound bar with 2.2kg is quite light, that of the subwoofer with 8.6kg more impressive. The Cinebar Duett stands safe and non-slip on the floor and the TV table. Externally, the sound bar differs from other models. With a little imagination, the test piece looks like an oversized telephone receiver. The shape is deliberately designed to improve room coverage and sound image.

Although not directly part of the product, but nevertheless worth mentioning is the good support and Service from Teufel. There are 8 weeks right of return, if you don’t make friends with the piece. In addition to the 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for electrical components, Teufel offers a 12-year warranty for housings.


The Bluetooth range is relatively short with 10m, but works in the apartment but also through walls without interference. The transmission is possible with all devices (Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows PC and Linux) and promises apt-X CD quality with the codec 4.0.

In addition to Aux, Receiver or CD-Player, all known TV types can be controlled via HDMI without any problems. A prerequisite for the latter is that the television supports HDMI type ARC, otherwise an optical digital audio cable is also required. The cable entries on the sound bar are practically moved into the case. The Cinebar Duett is versatile in the connectivity options. It can also be attached with an integrated wall bracket.

An aux cable, or at least one for the connection to the TV set, could have been included in the package, I also miss a control function via USB.

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