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RGB Lighting for the Entire Gaming Area: evnbetter’s Lighting Solutions Tested

evnbetter presents its new digital addressable RGB solution consisting of a sophisticated LightControl unit called #1 and LED strips. This allows you to synchronously control the lighting inside the housing as well as the LED devices outside the computer. There are three different LED strip variants: The xcd 1 baseline, flexible digital RGB strips (also called ARGB or DRGB strips) with individually addressable LEDs, the xcd 2 slimline with diffuse LED strips thanks to evnLight technology and the xcd 3 wideline with diffuse strips, which are also slightly wider.

#1 – An RGB controller to showcase

The heart of the whole light effect system is the control unit called #1. This is an illuminated RGB LED controller with 4 buttons and connectors for digitally addressable RGB strips with 3-pin 5VDG system (xx_x). This allows 144 ARGB LEDs to be controlled twice, a total of 288. The 4×4 centimetre housing has transparent key elements on the top. So you can see the matt black, illuminated circuit board with all electronic components, such as the 32-bit high-end microprocessor. It looks chic and elegant.

But why does an RGB controller have to be stylish? If you consider that the controller is not simply installed invisibly inside a case, that makes sense. The #1 is an external controller that can be mounted on a desk, for example, or on the outside of a PC case thanks to magnets.

The controller is powered directly from the computer’s power supply via a SATA power adapter. Inside the computer there is a 3-pin RGB connector for LED strips and other RGB devices. If you want to control the entire lighting with a compatible motherboard, you can also do this with an existing connector. With the help of an enclosed PCI slot plate, all connections are then routed to the outside of the controller as a single sleeved cable. This prevents annoying cable clutter and provides a tidy look.

The #1 LightControl has an integrated connector for lighting outside the PC case.

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