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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review: How is the Premium Smartphone Performing?

With the “Galaxy Note 9”, Samsung once again presented a premium smartphone, which is intended to appeal above all to lovers of particularly large devices. The successor of the “Galaxy Note 8” has been available in stores for a few weeks now and is already attracting some attention. We also wanted to take a closer look at the new Phablet model and subjected it to intensive testing. The test results, which should certainly also be of particular interest in the context of a purchase decision, can be found in the following lines.

Design and Workmanship

After unpacking the device, you will notice one point in particular: It’s big. Its dimensions of 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 millimetres are similar to those of flagship smartphones from other manufacturers. The 6.4 inch display eventually has to go somewhere. The relatively high weight of 201 grams does not surprise in view of the enormous size further.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with S-Pen
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with S-Pen

What is quite unpleasant in the test is the fact that it is virtually impossible to operate the device with one hand. If you have got used to using your mobile phone while walking or elsewhere, you will have problems with the “Galaxy Note 9”. The giant smartphone requires the use of two hands and the accompanying attention.

This circumstance is made up above all by the absolutely flawless workmanship. The mobile phone lies wonderfully in the hand, the rounded edges do not slip and the mobile phone never threatens to slip out of the hand. Samsung uses only the highest quality materials and processes them excellently. Front and back are made of glass. They seem to merge with the metal frame and contribute to the very high quality impression the phone leaves.

On the right side of the metal frame is the power button, which has been placed absolutely sensibly and is hit intuitively. On the other side you will find the volume rocker and the Bixby button. These have also been strategically placed.

The fingerprint scanner, which will be examined in more detail later, was accommodated on the back. The dual camera, the LED flash and a heart rate monitor on the back of the phone were also placed above this.

Cameras & Fingerprint Sensor on the Back
Cameras & Fingerprint Sensor on the Back

A speaker, the S-Pen slot, a USB-C port and a headphone jack are located on the underside.

There are no points of criticism. The smartphone is flawlessly manufactured and consists exclusively of high-quality materials. Only the enormous size is disturbing in the test. However, this is ultimately a question of personal preferences. By activating the “one-handed mode”, however, the smartphone can also be used with one hand.

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