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Samsung Portable SSD T5 With 500 GB In Review


The Samsung Portable SSD T5 comes in a high-quality aluminium case. The little bit of plastic from the previous model, the Portable SSD T3, was painted. Only on the sides there is still some plastic, but the actual case is now made of one piece. The weight of 51 grams has not changed and the SSD is still very light. Combined with its small size, the Portable SSD T5 fits in any pocket and even transport in your trouser pocket is no problem.

Your data is not only well protected by the high-quality housing, because flash memory is also less susceptible than an old magnetic disk. Falls from a height of 2 meters pose no danger to the Portable SSD T5.

As already mentioned, the Samsung Portable SSD T5 still has a USB type C port, which now works with USB 3.1. Still, Samsung has made some changes: An additional cable is included, allowing the SSD to be used with type A and type C connectors. Thus the external SSD can also be used on the Samsung Galaxy S8 without an adapter. With the app the hard disk can be encrypted under Windows, Mac and Android. Samsung uses a 256bit AES encryption like with the T3.

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Samsung MU-PA500B/EU Portable SSD T5 500GB ((bis zu 540 MB/s) + USB Kabel Typ C auf C und Typ C auf A) im Preisvergleich

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€ 98.00
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€ 78.00
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€ 88.00
Zu Saturn

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