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Samsung SSD 860 PRO & EVO 1 TB Review


An improvement of Samsung’s 850 series by the 860 series was hardly possible due to the strong limitation by the SATA protocol. Yet Samsung has made exactly that possible. A bit more performance is pressed through the line. In addition, we are promised a longer shelf life, which according to Hot long-term test is significantly higher in reality. It should be borne in mind that 4,800 TB TBW already correspond to over 100 days of writing performance at full speed. In a usage scenario that assumes 30 gigabytes of writing power on a typical office day, this corresponds to 160,000 days or over 400 years. Another exciting aspect is the low energy consumption, which is of particular interest for mobile applications.

All in all, Samsung has again surpassed itself with the SSD 860 series and offers the absolute top product. So I can only recommend the SSDs. If you want to save a little money, you can also take the SSD 850 series with a clear conscience. Until the stocks of the old series are raised, it will certainly be possible to purchase them at a lower price.

Samsung SSD 860 Serie

Access Time
Transfer Rate (read)
Transfer Rate (write)
Value for Money


Samsung again surpasses itself with the SSD 860 series and offers the absolute top product.

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