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SanDisk Ultra 3D 500 GB SSD Review

Test System

All tests are performed with the following hardware:

Benchmark Results

Everyday Experience

The SanDisk Ultra 3D has after formatting under Windows over 465 GB of usable storage space.

Storage space
Storage space

As the benchmark tests show, the SSD is very fast in every situation and is limited in some places by the SATA interface. Like the WD Blue, SanDisk uses a cache to improve the performance of the SSD. If this cache is full, the write speed of the SSD can decrease, among other things.

Everyday test
Everyday test

In our test case an approx. 20 GB zip file was copied to the SanDisk Blue. It is interesting to note that the write speed is more than 1 GB/s for some time and then drops to about 480 MB/s. This is the fastest way to write a file. After 9 GB, the write rate drops moderately to approx. 415 MB/s, which can be maintained until the end.

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