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Sennheiser GSP 370: Wireless Gaming Headset Review

When the renowned audio forge invites Sennheiser to present a new product, it usually becomes exciting. The release has been postponed a bit, but now the Wireless Gaming Headset GSP 370 is finally available. We were one of the first to test the headset and show you in this review what the headset can and can’t do. In the respective categories the rating is surprisingly different.


The wireless headset is embedded in a plastic sarcophagus. The packaging is very unpopular for the price segment. The enclosed Quickstart shows the most important steps quite clearly. After the sobering unpacker experience, however, we are looking forward to a high-quality product.

The headset comes in “cast plastic”.

To set it up, simply plug the Sennheiser stick (USB dongle) into the PS4, MAC or PC and press a switch on the headset, and the connection is established. This is also the only button on the headset, there are no other annoying buttons. Unfortunately, the headset is still loaded with Micro-USB. With the promised battery life of 100 hours – wow! – USB type C would have been worth it. In the year 2019, you have to reckon with that as a minus point.

Design and Workmanship

Compared to its predecessor, the GSP 300, the GSP 300 uses more discreet colours. The dark metallic tone goes well with the black. Otherwise, not much has changed on the outside. The headset is particularly effective in that the microphone protrudes forcibly and the padding on the head is divided into two chambers, optically quite “modular” and clumsy. It is largely made of hard plastic and therefore looks less valuable. I therefore don’t like the design of the headphones, but you’ll have to rate it individually for you anyway.

Not too conspicuous in black and metallic colors. Source: Sennheiser

The clamp passes the bending test without any problems. Apart from a small ball type joint with which the earpads can be tilted slightly upwards or downwards, nothing else can be turned or folded. The height can be comfortably adjusted and snaps securely into place. The headset is very comfortable the first time you put it on, but more about that later.


Relatively quickly, we find the unidirectional microphone to be the headset’s greatest weakness. The microphone arm can be bent forward or backward. The ear cup mount blocks the microphone so it can’t be folded all the way up.

With the GSP 370, the microphone does not move up any further.

Before I make a great attempt to describe the microphone quality, it’s best you listen to it yourself:

To advertise the microphone with “studio quality”, I find somewhat exaggerated. Sennheiser should actually know what that means. We rate the microphone as only average.

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