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Sharkoon SGK4 Gaming Keyboard Reviewed

Buttons and Switches

Probably the most important difference to other common gaming keyboards is the used keys and switches. While the most popular – and most expensive – keyboards in this market segment today are equipped with mechanical switches, the SGK4 offers rubber dome keys.

These are much cheaper to manufacture, which explains the huge price difference between the SGK4 and other gaming keyboards to a large extent. Further differences exist in the technology used. If the key caps of the SGK4 are removed, a small rubber buffer can be detected. By pressing on the key cap we push down this rubber buffer which finally triggers the contact. If we release the cap, the rubber buffer pushes it back into its starting position. These buffers are not installed individually under each key, but in the form of a foil that extends over the entire keyboard.

In this respect, the SGK4 is a classic rubber dome keyboard. In terms of its format and the design of the keycaps, however, it is more like a mechanical keyboard. Thus the manufacturer does not save any space in the height, which would have been possible, but produces the exterior of a mechanical keyboard with comparatively high keys.

However, the test clearly shows the typical typing feel of a rubber dome keyboard. Thus, the keystroke appears soft, but clearly less defined than with a mechanical keyboard. This can result in both advantages and disadvantages. When writing, for example, it is very pleasant to feel a soft and damped touch. This dampened touch could also be pleasant for hobby gaming – after all, the volume is reduced and the typing feeling is relaxed. However, the keyboard is not suitable for professionals as it is less precise than a mechanical model.

In addition to the usual keys, the SGK4 has F-keys that can be assigned twice, which serve as multimedia keys, as well as louder and quieter controls, which are, however, rather unusually mounted: The Volume Up button is located to the left of the Volume Down knob.

In addition, the device has eight additional keys. The four P buttons allow you to switch between individual profiles, while the L buttons can be used to change lighting modes. All eight keys are located above the other keys.

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