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Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 – A Good Gaming Mouse at an Attractive Price?


The technical interior of the SGM2 is equipped with a rather unknown optical sensor from SunplusIT, which resolves with a maximum of 6,400 DPI. The resolution can be adjusted using the button behind the mouse wheel, i.e. directly on the back of the mouse. Four modes with 400, 1,200, 3,200 and 6,400 DPI are available. The polling rate is also at 1,000 Hz, the mouse acceleration at 20G and the lift-of-distance at two millimeters. The mouse comes without special software, which is why all functions can be controlled directly via the device. Thanks to Plug&Play, however, the SGM2 is recognized very quickly under Windows and is ready for use.

The sensor is quite unknown, but suitable for beginners. We were able to perform fluid and quite precise movements. Of course it’s better, but there’s nothing wrong with the price and the potential target group.

Despite its low price, the Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 is equipped with RGB LED lighting. Of course, you have to reckon with a few cutbacks to high-end products here as well, but for a price of almost 18 € we get a lot on offer. There are a total of two zones, the logo on the back of the mouse and an LED strip around the mouse.

The illumination can be adjusted via a small button on the underside of the mouse. A total of six different lighting modes are available. Please note, however, that only the LED strip can be changed. The logo on the back of the mouse glows green permanently. Of course, the lighting can also be switched off completely. There is no special software available, which is why the lighting cannot be further configured. The colours otherwise shine pleasantly bright and look good. The effects run smoothly, so there is something for everyone.

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