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Skyroam Solis Review: Mobile LTE Router with Internet at the Touch of a Button

The “Skyroam Solis” is a peculiar device whose practical use is not immediately apparent to most people. To a certain extent, it is a “mobile router” that guarantees access to the mobile network at all times and is therefore likely to be used primarily on trips abroad.

Those who only rarely travel will now object that flat rates abroad and WLAN access to hotels and restaurants abroad would be completely sufficient. However, frequent travellers and people travelling in distant regions know that these access points are not always reliable, safe or economically viable. It is precisely this clientele that the Silicon Valley-based start-up with its bright orange box is addressing.

Design and Workmanship

The most striking optical feature of the mobile Internet provider was already anticipated in the last sentence: It’s kept in bright orange. At first sight, this colouring seems irritating. The start-up company Skyroam, however, provides a profoundly pragmatic explanation of the unconventional color scheme: Thanks to the extraordinary color, the small, round device can hardly be overlooked, which minimizes the danger of forgetting it on a journey. The test shows that the penetrating appearance of the Solis actually leads to the fact that it can hardly be forgotten. If you are in a room with the device, you can hardly turn your gaze away from it.

Ultimately, the idiosyncratic colouring behaves like other idiosyncratic things: Although they initially only cause irritation, they continue to attract attention even after the first surprise has died down. The Solis has something magical about it – you have to look at it and with the passing of time you are surprised to find more and more pleasure in the extroverted presentation of this device.

The goal of reminding forgetful people to take their Internet box with them can therefore confidently be described as achieved. In addition, not much can be said about the design and workmanship of the box. The Solis is small and practical. Its bright colour is striking in any place. Otherwise, it’s very simple. Only two buttons can be found, the function of which will be examined in more detail in the further course of our test.

The workmanship of the device can be described as good. Defects cannot be found. All in all, it is an idiosyncratically designed, but very well manufactured device.

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