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Skyroam Solis Review: Mobile LTE Router with Internet at the Touch of a Button

Conclusion on Skyroam Solis

Ultimately, it is difficult to draw a clear conclusion, as the Solis was developed for a very special target group. For the majority of people, it will not be a revolutionary device and will ultimately be rather useless. In its target group, however, it is a valuable device with the possibility of creating Internet access at the touch of a button that can hardly be dispensed with. The unique look gives the Solis a unique charm. In addition, the simple operation and the long battery life as well as the good workmanship are to be emphasized positively. Anyone who is dependent on Internet access on the move, who wants to remain flexible and does not want to take any risks, can with a clear conscience resort to Solis with its flexible day passes. In any case, it is worth comparing your smartphone with the roaming offers of your own provider or checking the purchase of a local SIM card in order to use it as a hotspot.

Skyroam Solis

Practical Benefits
Battery Life


A very special device, which is recommended for the members of the very special target group.

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