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Skyroam Solis review – the WLAN hotspot for abroad

Today, without the Internet, we are lost after a very short time. We use it not only to stay in contact with other people, but also to get information, to be guided through foreign cities or to work. While we can usually rely on a reliable router at home and, in familiar surroundings, on the mobile network, we have to take precautions at the latest when travelling to far-away countries – if there is mobile network access, it is usually incredibly expensive to use. We could now buy a separate SIM card for each country we travel to, to get around this problem. Alternatively, we could save ourselves this effort and instead pack the Solis X from Skyroam. It should guarantee cheap internet access at almost any place at almost any time without much effort. What the device can do and if it is worth buying, you can find out in our test report.

Scope of delivery

In addition to the device itself, there are various instructions, a USB-C charging cable and a USB-C to A adapter.

Design and Workmanship

First of all, it should be noted that it is hardly possible to overlook the device once and accidentally leave it in the hotel room. The Solis X presents itself as a bright orange puck and thus attracts relatively impressive attention. The device is made of stable plastic. The diameter is 8.8 centimetres, it is 2.3 centimetres high and weighs 168 grams. This means it fits well into a jacket pocket and is suitable for a trip in terms of both size and material.

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