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Sony WH-1000XM2 Review: Noise Cancelling and Sound of the Royal Class

Wearing Comfort

The Sony headphones are very comfortable, the closed ear cups fit perfectly to the contours. The weight is light with 275 g, they hardly press. The ears are not completely enclosed, a small part lies in the ear cushions.

The headphones do not slip and, although they are so comfortable, sit well on the head, even during movements. Therefore, they are always suitable for sports. Even spectacle wearers can get away comfortably.

Absolute Silence

The noise cancelling of the headphones is top class, they make bose strong competition. The complete package of the different configuration levels paired with one of the best developed NC services convinces in our test.

Portrait Model in Airplane, Source: sony
Portrait Model in Airplane, Source: Sony

In addition, Adaptive Noise Reduction is a useful feature. The headphones must always reconnect, which is annoying in the auditory flow, but then the NC is perfect. The microphones pick up all noises and intelligently adjust the NC (Noise-Cancelling) to them. When you get on the train, for example, the headphones perceive the changed background noise and select the appropriate suppression mode. This also worked well in the test, with the interruptions interfering.

Unfortunately, because of the comfortable ear cups, the headphones do not intercept much external noise. The person sitting next to you therefore already hears at medium volume.

The function of letting ambient noise pass through works very well. The quality is better here than with any competitor. So if you want to hear more, that’s fine. To switch over for a short conversation, for example, simply place your hand on the auricle – practical! You have a hearing aid function in your petto. Let us now come to the most important feature for headphones…

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