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Sony WH-1000XM2 Review: Noise Cancelling and Sound of the Royal Class


The sound quality is not noticeably better than via Bluetooth, despite the twice as high frequency range (4 – 40,000 Hz) with jack connection and amplifiers. This speaks first of all for the wireless connection. The sound evaluation is critical according to the price class.

The bass comes for the price too dull, imprecise and too weak. The equalizer function of the app only shifts the weak points differently. The middles are strong and full, the heights weaker. The strong mids can catch the sound, which makes it look unnatural. The weak point becomes apparent in quieter musical genres. Nevertheless, the drivers deliver a solid sound quality with the 40 mm driver. The sound can be rated as good despite the criticisms.

Side view
Side view

Thanks to the DSEE HX function, Sony headphones usually iron more away than other headphones. Optimizing music files in this way distorts the audio source. This can be good, because they deliver a usable sound even with worse source files, but the sound is unnatural at a higher level. If you look at the sound in isolation, you have to admit that Bose, Beyerdynamic, Bowers & Wilkins, Teufel and Sennheiser, for example, are ahead in the price segment. The powerful NC disturbs the sound of the Sony headphones a little. But does one notice this in everyday life with every piece of music? – I don’t think so. Therefore, many will be very satisfied with the sound of these headphones. But at this point it is important to mention that there is still room for improvement, but mostly also in terms of price. Until you have a better comparison piece on your ears, you should be fully satisfied with the sound. If you don’t need other features such as noise cancelling, Bluetooth function etc., then you will get better off with other models of the same sound performance.

Special Features

The core elements sound, noise cancelling and workmanship are not yet sufficient for the label “Excellent”. Nowadays, headphones also have to offer other functions in order to assert themselves in the competitive market. These will be discussed in the following…

The Case
The Case
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