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Sony WH-1000XM2 Review: Noise Cancelling and Sound of the Royal Class


Operation is one of the key strengths of the Sony WH-1000XM2. Control is primarily via touch sensors, which are operated by hand on the right auricle. An exciting thing, but if you prefer haptic buttons you will be disappointed.

For pause/play, call control you have to tap the auricle twice, for volume, wipe song forward and back to a corresponding side. The ambient sounds can be heard as described for the NC with the laying on of hands.

Operation Source:
Operation Source:

You have to get used to this a little at first. In the beginning, I often accidentally touched the auricle and carried out an action that was not planned in this way. After a few days it’ll work out fine. For the public, it may look a little stupid if someone seems to hit his ear. On the other hand, it also has a futuristic style to operate the headphones by touching them.

The Quickstart is very attractively designed and quickly introduces you to the operating options and all important functions with pictures. The “Reference Manual”, on the other hand, is not user-friendly. The speech feedback unfortunately comes with a poorly resolved voice.


There is nothing wrong with the Bluetooth function. The headphones cover a connection range of approx. 10 m with a 2.4 GHz band. They support all modern and popular audio formats. The connection was hardly interrupted during the test period.


You can safely store your headphones in the black hard case included in the scope of delivery. This is well made and offers a good shelter for the high-quality headphones. But they have to be folded to fit in. Since the whole procedure with folding, folding, fitting into the form and zipping takes longer, it is impractical in everyday life. I’m more of a fan of “just in there.” Thanks to a small handle, the bag can be carried with a finger or attached to something.
The bag is unfortunately somewhat impractical, but functional and a chic addition.

The headphones in the case
The headphones in the case


What would an upper class technical product be today without an app? Sony obviously thought the same of itself and therefore offers an app for Android and iOS, which is supposed to upgrade the headphones additionally. The Sony Headphones App has a wide range of functions. The connection with it runs reliably with the test object, this must be connected with Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, changing the sound mode is always tied to a new connection, which is annoying in practice. In the equalizer function, the user can choose between preset configurations or set his own presets. The battery query in the app rounds off imprecisely.

The application is beautifully designed and offers many functions, but not all of them are equally useful. Many configuration options “make the headphones worse”.

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